Product – Ride A19 Pusher Proto

Dom over at Ride A19 had made a prototype pusher for their range of boards and it was recently spotted out at the South Coast Roll in the UK (The renamed version of the classic skateboard marathon at Goodwood). Here are a few sneaky pictures of the deck. If you have any questions, hit up Dom on the Ride A-19 facebook page.

934876_648322475298594_1581282875955386179_n 11220918_827841237301043_8488344346251927061_n

The board is made from alternate thickness layers of hardwood it has a small amount of rocker with progressive concave and angled drops. The dimensions of the board were L 1005mm X W 235mm.

Looks good!




Journey – The Poncho Push

The Poncho Push FINAL

The Poncho push is a self-supported 650 mile trip across 4 states of the US by skateboard. Sam Holding is currently 3 days in and going well. I chatted with him on facebook and he had this to say about the trip so far.

Just had the best day yet. 120 miles in and feeling good. At Zion National Park right now. Pushed uphill for around 12 miles followed by 17 miles of downhill today- switch back hairpins, little to no traffic, and amazing views all the way. Was epic.

He flicked us over some pictures of the trip so far and has sacrificed some weight in his pack for equipment to film and document the trip. The pictures so far are amazing.

L64A2575 IMG_0061 IMG_0030To see more of The Poncho Push, keep up to date by reading his blog on the Newtons Shred page, his instagram page or his facebook page. Sam is sponsored by Original Boards, Paris Trucks and Orangatang wheels.

Race – The 2015 Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Skate Challenge

Back in 2010 a certain HammerHead posted this up in the Skatefurther forum.

Hey distance people. I have an idea I would like to get all of your input on for an event possibly in 2011. A multi-day Stage Race (a la Tour De France) where racers start together each day and cover the same distance not in a circuit but point to point.

Roll on 5 years and The Chief Ladiga has become THE distance skateboarding event across the globe. This year was no exception. 3 days of racing over 188 miles and the top 2 were 20 seconds apart with Andrew Andras taking out this years title. Every yeah the level of riding gets closer and closer and the riders are more and more prepared.

Massive shout outs to everyone who entered and completed the 2015 Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Skate Callenge. Special mention goes to the winners Andrew Andras and Sarah Rassieur. And of course to Marion who once again has set the bar high for other distance skate events.

All the pictures on this post were taken by the talented Iván Molina Castrillón and you can see the whole set on his Facebook album.

1st place Andrew 2nd place Kyle 3rd place Kasper


Journey – Skate For Hope

Tobes Chapps is setting himself a goal of skateboarding across New Zealand to raise awareness about mental health issues with the hope of changing lives. Supported by some heavy hitters in the skateboard industry Tobes will be taking his Street Plant boards from Cape Reinga at the top of New Zealand to Bluff at the very bottom. Thats just over 2000km.

I realised that i could use skateboarding as a vehicle to not only spread hope but also raise awareness about depression and other mental health issues in New Zealand, as well as raise funds for organisations who help people deal with these issues. I want to create a dialogue amongst all people who have mental health issues and all those who don’t, to educate, to break stigma’s, to provide resources,  and to reach those who are so often afraid to  open up, on a level that they can relate to, the lost, the outcast, the forgotten and the overlooked. This is Skate For Hope.

You can keep up to date with the latest news by visiting the fantastic Skate For Hope Website or via the Skate For Hope Facebook page.

Journey – The Long Push To Ibiza

OLDtrickNEWheaderSkinny_1Recently popped up on our radar is a guy by the name of ControversialMike. Seems he’s another one to fall victim to the blight of “good ole’Blighty” so he’s quit the grey days and is chasing his youth by heading to Ibiza, from the UK.

The trip has been a year in the making and it look like it’s been a rolercoaster of a ride. You see, Mike didn’t know anything about long distance skating, assuming he was the only one stupid enough to consider it a viable option. He was planning on using his 20yr old vert set up originally! Seems he just want to go back to Ibiza and to get back on his board. Can he evenskate still? Well, the last few months have been a steep learning curve and having stepped on a longboard for the first time only 2 months ago, so far his training has left him immobile with a back injury, he’s only just got back up on his feet and he’s already hitting 30mph downhill sessions in preparation for what is turning out to be somewhat of ridiculous undertaking.

– 2000+km from Brighton Pier to France and following the Atlantic coastline all the way round to Spain, then across the Pyrenean Mountain range to Barcelona and onto a ferry to Ibiza.
– 50-60 days
– Shoestring budget
– Limited talent
– Already injured before push off

… I think the term “self supported” might be a little optimistic for this one, let’s just say, “solo” and keep our fingers crossed he makes it there in one piece and return with some great stories for us.

Push off is 30th July at 11am GMT.

His site is well worth a visit! He’s blogging regularly and he’s even running a competition for some tasty free kit for those willing to pitch in and help spread the word. Stop by and let him know that we’re routing for him… I’m guessing he’s going to need the support!

Info – G|Bomb Torsion Tail

G|Bomb have always led the way with the bracket system for your boards. This is the latest – The Torsion Tail.

Introducing our G|Bomb Torsion Tail. The new patent pending design integrates zero degree truck performance, and a lively spring return, into the structure of the board. By eliminating the traditional rear truck and deck support, the design offers significant weight savings, improved performance, and our trademark low platform height.

We really like the idea of the trailing rear for LDP. If you have got a G|Bomb Chop that you want to share, head over to our forum thread and join the conversation. If you fancy getting hold of one of these then hit up Mark at G|Bomb or leave a message on their Facebook page.

Forum – Chop Jobs

Brackets have become an essential tool for adjusting the angle of your truck, lowering your ride, or fixing up a deck that has seen too many curbs. G|Bomb have been in the business for years and there are plenty of newcomers to the market such as Tusk Designs. So what deck do you pair up with your brackets? How about chopping a deck to fit.

Hit up the forum thread to see what others have been up to and get some inspiration.


Info – Skatefurther Forum 2015

Way back in 2008 when we first came up with the idea of a website dedicated to distance skateboarding, little did we know quite where the journey would head. One thing we were sure of was that we needed a place to chat, share ideas and generally geek out about what was as the time an extremely unpopular discipline in the skateboard world.

The skatefurther forum was that place.

In 2010 Bam accidently deleted it, then is was besieged by spam and left in a dusty corner of the internet.

But it’s back! We are proud to present the ALL NEW (but still kinda the same) improved skatefurther forum. Go sign up and see what we were up to back in the day. Then add your own voice. By the way, the muffin was one of our original graphics. Cute huh?

See you in there.

Info – Globeskater ‘No Matter the Weather’

Romain Bessiere has been on our radar for years and years. The Globeskater was possibly the 1st person to skate an ultraskate in 2006 (a distance of 313km) and since then has been making his way across a whole range of countries.

He will always be skating, no matter the weather.

Hit up to see what else he has been up to.

Info – Push Teaser 2016

Jack Smith is at it again, this time working with Filmmaker Robb Albrecht to create a documentary about the history of long distance skateboarding. Something we here at Skatefurther are very excited about.

Watch this space for more.

Push Teaser – Spring 2016 from Robb Albrecht on Vimeo.