Journey- CROSSboarders

Have you ever had the urge to skatefurther? How about 69,000km further? Well Jay and Iain are off on an adventure and will probably be skating past you! 

The world is upside down and there is war going on everywhere…Racism and pointlessness is growing. And we don’t fit in anymore.. One day when you wake up with all your friends married and with kids, houses, good jobs and expensive cars.. What do you do?

Well we fucked off. 

As a Christian Jew, Jay has always wanted to go to Israel and his initial thought was to walk there and then continue from there around the world.. But he thought.. Skateboarding is so much more fun than walking.. So he bought himself a real cheap longboard and started to plan the trip.. This was in February 2015.

Jay wrote to Iain in February and said.. “Dude come with, IT WILL BE FUN!!!” Iain said, “Naaa”

In March  a late night he got a text on Whatsapp, and Iain was in..

Iain has never stood on a skateboard so this will be awesome… Iain said.. “Well i guess, if we’re gonna skate 69,000 km, I will kinda learn on the way”..

Jay is doing this as a spiritual journey and to give the finger to society. Iain is doing this to escape the Scottish winter and to make sense of it all.

We should live more eco friendly and find alternative lifestyles. We should be kinder to another and we should stop focusing on our differences and focus more on our strengths and the kindness in everyone.. Every single person on this earth Fucks up.. over and over again. Give them a helping hand because next time it is you,

Don’t make society tell you what to do or how you should act.. Help forming a new more humane society.. Where having fun and where you actually live is more important than stacking up piles of money.

Say fuck it, leave everything behind and start skating and meet up with us. we will absolutely take you in and we will share our bread with you, but you gotta have your own skateboard, because we aint walking :P

We want to inspire people to do the same and be more conscious about what society is forming us to instead of us forming the society.

Now we are sponsored by Urskog longboards and North Best Co. Wheels and we want to say to everyone that anyone can skate. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how unfit you are.. just buy yourself a skateboard and start skating. 
Check our route out at

On facebook at CROSSboarders

Instagram CROSSboarders

Linkedin CROSSboarders

Thanks for this opportunity to get our voice heard.
We have just had a look at the route and are completely blown away by this trip. Nat will be sure to join them when they come through New Zealand. Watch this space for all the updates. 

Product Review – Tusk Precision Brackets

logo1Tusk Designs are new to the market, their website went live just this week. We have yet to see the brackets in the flesh (watch this space!) but orders are already coming in from all over the place and their instagram has been bombarded. Tusk Brackets are set at 13° or 19° and come in gold, silver or red.The front bracket weighs just 150g and the rear 189g. More importantly they cost $94.40 USD and are supplied with 8mm polycarbonate risers. Expect to see lots of these about in the next few months.


Scene – LDP Rio

We didn’t really know where to file this one; Rider Profile? Gatherings? Just plain awesomeness? We went for ‘Scene’. Yuri got in contact because he wanted to let the distance skating world know about what is going on in Brazil. Here is his story.


Hi, my name is Yuri Santos and I’m the creator and organiser of the LDP-Rio Community in Brazil. Ours is the only community in the world with exclusive authoral content in Brazilian Portuguese. This is our story, hope you enjoy it:

It all started as a blog in late 2012, as I was returning to skateboarding after 7 years away. One day returning from work something inside me just flipped a switch, “hey I think I’ll try longboarding, seems nice, let’s see how much it costs…”. I got out of the bus in front of a famous skate shop and assembled a longboard. Fully suited after work, I went home pushing 4 miles. Arrived dripping sweat, but had forgotten all the stress from that day’s work.

After that naturally I started reading about more and more about the many possibilities of longboard and was starting to search for the pump, instinctively. Since I hated my job at the time, it gave me a lot of time to do my research. After a couple months I landed on Pavedwave and it blew my mind! Every day I went back to where I stopped and kept reading, and reading and reading…I couldn’t get enough of it. Still cant.


Product Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

Here at Skatefurther we pride ourselves on getting the best reviews from the best people. Who better to ask for a review of his favourite truck than Andrew Andras – Ultraskate World Record holder.

When I got into distance skating I remember thinking a longboard truck is just a longboard truck, right? Reverse kingpin, some bushings, about 150 to 180mm in length. All the same! But as I started to log my miles and hone my craft, I soon realized that not all longboard trucks are created equal. Defiantly not all trucks are suited for your specific discipline. Sure any truck will do in the beginning, but as your start to spend time on your longboard you start to notice things that could make it better. This is about the time in your game that your setup starts to become an extension of your body. You become in tuned with one another, it speaks to you, you begin to listen. So like anyone who is on the path to master their respective sport, constant tinkering and product trials insue. The hunt for the right feel and performance can becomes obsessive…


Throwback – Skate USA 2005

This one takes us back. But not to the very beginning (more on that later!).

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.20.40 PM

Back in 2005 a certain Adam Colton and 3 friends skated the 3000miles (4800km) across the USA to raise money for The East Coast Round Wall Foundation. The trip took 2 and a half months and not only opened many of our eyes to distance skating but also to Loaded longboards and LongboardLarry who they met on the trip and sorted out with push boards.

Longboard Larry (LBL) a custom longboard manufacturer was a sponsor of my Skate USA trip by accident.  I met Larry by luck when our bus broke down in Oregon and Scott from set us up to stay with Larry while the bus was being fixed.  From that moment a friendship and sponsorship was born.  We gave up the current decks we were riding and LBL built us custom decks for the trip right then and there.  He even became our press person for our trip and flew all the way to VA to join us at the welcome home celebration.

Not much exists online about the trip but the journey was featured in Freshpaved magazine and Adam has pictures on his website You can also look at more pictures on Adam’s Flickr album.


Info – Rayne Demonseed 2015

The new graphic for the 2015 Rayne Demonseed got dropped and we like it a lot. Has that kind of traveller/wanderer feel to it. The Demonseed is part of the Gateway Series, all with similar graphics.

We are also loving the super simple 2015 website.


Event – Miami Ultraskate Recap


Pic: Team Ridemore

Where to start! This years Ultra at Homestead Miami looks to have been one of the best. So many things to report on and it finished just a few hours ago.



Andrew looked to be on track to pass the 300 mile mark but the pace took its toll and he finished with 226 miles. Eric Palmer took on the lead and skated into second place in the world rankings with an amazing 274.4 miles. Conan Gay claimed second with 265.7 miles.

All in all 19 riders passed the 200 mile mark (5 passed the 250 mark!) including Claudia Chase who took out the record in the women’s event with an amazing 202.9 miles.

In the SUP section Deejay Pascua paddled 210.2 miles and the Ridemore team passed the 300 mile mark.

As more information and pictures come in from the event we will be keeping you up to date. In the meantime, visit the event facebook page, the IDSA page and view the final results here.

Info – 10 Tips for life on the road

We here at Skatefurther are stoked when people want to get involved in what we do. Here is the first post of many from Jack Courtenay our new Skatefurther representative in Japan – 10 tips for skating further.

Hi, my name is Jack Courtenay, 23 from New Zealand. In 2013 I longboarded over 1500km’s in Japan in 33 days. This list I wrote is designed to give you tips to make the most out of your long distance skating trip while on the road.


So you have your gear, your at your destination and your ready to start pumping. GOOD! Lets begin!

10. Put ice in your camelpak.

Darrian Balongie another long distance skateboarder taught me this trick (May he R.I.P) This will provide you with cold water for about 3 – 5 hours depends of your location. This is because as you will be skating for majority of the day your back with get sweaty pretty fast and therefore the heat with move into your pack where your water bladder/camelpak is. Doing this cools you down and keeps your water cold obviously.

9. Carry a lot of extra food and water.

Because you never know when or where you will next find somewhere with food and water, sometimes you can spend days in remote reigons and skating all day everyday burns a lot of calories and you will be eating upwards of 5 times a day (with desert for every meal). Stay away from sugar and eat high calorie foods.



Throwback – Ultraskate IV

Back in June 2008, the idea of an Ultraskate was still new. James Peters over at Pavedwave had been putting in the miles in Seattle and spreading the stoke across the world and for the 1st time the Ultraskate went worldwide. In the days leading up to the event the stoke was high as people got themselves prepared and exchanged contact details. Getting a phone call in the middle of the night could make a huge difference.

James had a crew in Seattle which included Eric Lowell, Sheldon Lessard and Barefoot Ted, Trevor Gibson was in Colorado, Rodgon and John Galac were in San Diego, Nat and Ben Hall were at Dorney Lake in the UK and Keith O’Leary and Dave Cornthwaite were in Central London. It was on.

In London Dave pulled out Early with a football injury leaving Keith to soldier through the night, Ben and Nat skated though the night and clocked up some good miles but over in Seattle the miles were really put down. Eric got to 187 mile but Barefoot Ted, who hadn’t put his foot on a skateboard in years busted out 242miles – a new Ultraskate record.


You can throwback to the paved wave and skatefurther forum threads and read about the event. Nat and Eric both wrote about their ultra experiences and they are worth a read too!

Journey – Push Full Circle Taiwan

10425859_795616437153302_4969044710798473254_n A couple of friends are setting off to skate around Taiwan. You can keep up with their adventure on their facebook page or under the hashtag #fullcircletaiwan.